We started the Texas Mesquite Movement to re-establish widespread use of Texas' native and abundant mesquite bean pods. Mesquite beans were the primary source of nutrition for the indigenous peoples of the American Southwest, but most Texans don't realize that they are edible, nor uniquely delicious. Their natural sweetness and complex aroma and flavor lend themselves to many uses such as soft drinks, beer and spirits, baked goods, spreads and even perfumes.

With the help of our Texas community, we are working to make these beans popular again. We're working with ranchers and foragers to harvest a large bounty so we can have a year-long supply.  We're partnering with Barton Springs Mill to hermetically store and process the beans. And thanks to a specialized mill financed through a grant from the Austin Food + Wine Alliance, we will be milling them to different specifications for different applications. We're working with local makers to release products that highlight the unique flavor and aroma of the mesquite bean, and help us reconnect with the native food of our land. We're currently working with community members to make beer, bread, butter, chocolate, soda, cookies, kombucha, spirits, bitters, desserts, coffee, tea and candles. We'd love to partner with you to work on more ideas.

Please contact us at bonjour@michebread.com if you would like to be involved in any way. 

Check us out on Instagram: @txmesquite