We're kindling a Texas Mesquite Movement to re-establish culinary use of our local mesquite beans. Mesquite was the primary source of food and medicine for the indigenous peoples of our region, thus it was considered "the tree of life." We're working with members of our community to harvest these delicious beans, process them in myriad ways and develop novel products which highlight their uniquely complex flavor.

In 2017, we first worked with ranchers and refugees to harvest 1500 pounds of beans. Thanks to a culinary innovation grant from the Austin Food and Wine Alliance, we purchased a hammer mill which is operated at Barton Springs Mill. We use the mill to pulverize whole mesquite pods into flour. The pods and flour are being used by several restaurants in Texas, including Cured (mole, cake), Dai Due (bread, soda), Odd Duck/Sour Duck Market (ice cream, churros), Barley Swine (tortillas) and The Brewer's Table (syrup, butter). Desert Door Distillery offers a cocktail with mesquite infused sotol.

We've also been working with local food and beverage producers to introduce these delicious products: Cerveza de Mezquite (Jester King Brewery), mesquite cookie crumble ice cream (Lick Honest Ice Creams), mesquite and pecan gelato (Dolce Neve), mesquite porter (Cibolo Creek Brewery), mesquite dirty white chocolate (SRSLY Chocolate), mesquite yaupon tea (Local Leaf), mesquite kombucha (Wunder-Pilz), and of course, our own mesquite chocolate chip cookies and mesquite bread and butter.

If you want to work with us on mesquite in any way, give us a holler at bonjour@michebread.com.

Here are some recipes created by us and others in the movement:

Mesquite Sourdough Boule by Miche Bread in Edible Austin

Mesquite Pecan Pie by Miche Bread in Edible Austin

Mesquite Flour Cornbread by Teresa Morris in Edible Austin

Mesquite Flour BBQ Rub by Teresa Morris in Edible Austin

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