Healthy Eating

Forget everything you hear about bread and carbs. Real breads are good for you and don’t make you fat.

Real breads require quality ingredients and proper technique. They’re composed of whole grains full of natural fibers and require an intensive fermentation process. A five-dollar loaf of bread purporting health benefits is made with low-medium quality grains with minimal or no fermentation. Your body will not enjoy processing it. These bad breads are loaded with low-quality carbs and make you feel bloated and fat.

Quality Grains

Grains constitute 99% of a loaf. Like vegetables, meat, and eggs, there is a spectrum of quality. Commercial producers bleach low quality grains to attain a homogeneous consistency. This strips the grain of natural nutrients and fiber, and the producer artificially reintroduces them at a later stage (crazy!). So, avoid “nutrients added” labels and seek breads made with unadulterated grains. Your body will have no problems processing it.

Proper Technique

Proper technique refers to milling, fermentation, shaping, and baking. The most time consuming aspect is fermentation where cells of the grain (or dough) are broken down to develop friendly bacteria. It’s analogous to producing yogurt using milk from pasture grazed grass-fed cows. There is no substitute. Unfortunately, commercial produces skip or shortcut this process.