Bread meets science

  • We're obsessed with promoting healthy eating
  • Organic, non-GMO, heirloom grains milled in-house
  • We don’t use textbook recipes and improve our breads through experimentation
  • Long fermentation cycles develop deep flavor and complex texture (our signature Miche Boule takes four days to prepare!)
  • We're keeping it weird by allowing the local Austin air and bacteria ("terroir") to do its magic on our dough
  • Naturally leavened breads have low glycemic index; a true sourdough actually lowers the glycemic load of a meal
  • Wild yeast acts as a natural preservative, keeping our breads fresh for up to a week
  • Our breads are naturally formed ... how it's supposed to be 

How to enjoy

  • Most of our breads will last for days. Keep your bread in a bread box, or keep it inside of a paper bag for the first 1-2 days. Beyond 1-2 days, place inside of a plastic bag to retain moisture. Refresh your bread in an oven or toaster
  • For long-term storage, freeze your bread. Slice into halves, quarters or slices and set inside a plastic bag. To consume, heat in oven at 350 degrees until crust is crisp


Where and how can I buy Miche bread?

We're a direct-to-consumer service with no retail footprint. We offer quarterly subscriptions for pick up on most weeks.

When and where do I pick up my bread?

Pick up on Saturdays. Current pick-up locations are Travis Heights Beverage WorldSalt & Time  and Kettle & Brine.

Why does it cost more than other breads?

Because there is no compromise. We're specialized and source high-quality organic ingredients. We're not for everyone. Our process is manually intensive and takes four days to produce our signature Miche Boule. A six-pack of craft beer is $10, a latte is $4, and a pint of high-quality ice cream is $7. Our breads are well worth the price.

I'm going on vacation. Can I suspend my subscription? 

There are no cancellations nor refunds on missed pick ups.  We encourage you to share your subscription with friends and family on weeks you can't pick up. As for cancellations, you can drop us a note to cancel the next quarterly subscription.

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