Organic subscription-based breads made with heirloom grains for Austin, TX.


How it's supposed to be. Our breads are naturally leavened and fermented for several days. Our flours are milled in-house from heritage grains.


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We offer breads for subscription 

Featuring our Signature Miche and a rotational bread changing every few weeks

Signature Miche

Bulbous and heat-bludgeoned. Intense chew and moist on the tongue with a trace of sweetness...ce pain chante.

All organic: Whole wheat, whole rye, whole spelt, sourdough culture, sea salt, and organic yeast.

Sample Rotational (Rye + Coriander)

Dark and mysterious with an explosion of coriander. Slow-chew with pungent flavors...this is not your grandmother's bread.

All organic: Whole rye, rye sourdough culture, malted rye, molasses, coriander seed, salt, and organic yeast.

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